Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Outside my window- The last two days have been grey and rainy, but i'm so glad its not snow!!! :) We also have leaves and green grass!!! FINALLY!!!!! :D

Whats happened since my last update - I cant believe my last blog post was in February! Time has certainly flown! Since then I have been busy with school, dog sitting, crafting, working on my churches website, my 17th birthday party, I attended a couple weddings, helped work on my Dads latest rental house, took my sisters senior pictures, played three hours of volley ball with my youth group, watched my siblings when Mom and Dad went to the Minneapolis city wide garage sales ( I got my very first sewing machine! ), and I attended Then Engage Conference in Minneapolis, Mn that was put on by World Magazine with my youth group last weekend!! Now all that wasn't in order , and I probably left some stuff out, but you get the Idea. :)

From the kitchen - For lunch I made corned beef toasted sandwiches, and for super I'm making cheesy potato soup. :)

I'm creating - A purple and grey afghan, pics soon to come! :)

I'm hearing - Soundtracks on my Ipod.

I'm thinking about - Our Youth Group is doing the church service this week, I am doing special music with some friends, and we are all speaking about the conference we attended last weekend, so I'm pretty nervous about speaking, but.... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philipians 4:13 :)

I'm reading - God's Gift To Women, By Eric Ludy.

I'm looking forward to - Going to Girls Camp with My cousins and dear friends in three weeks!!!

Hope you all have a blessed day!!! ~ Betsy