Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dress to Skirt Refashion

        I found this dress at Salvation Army for $2.50, it was size 1x, much to big for me, but Ive              been wanting a nice maxi skirt for a while so I decided that I was going to alter it!

            My Sister Autumn was kind enough to model the dress for me! :) Thanks Autumn!!

    Its hard to tell in the photo, but there is some weird gathering at the waist (probably for shaping purposes) but it kind of messed up my plans for a tutorial because I made a mistake when cutting the top off and just barely had enough fabric above the waist seam to finish the skirt. So I didn't take pics because I was so focused on fixing my mistake, But it turned out just fine!

                                Here's a run down of what I did in the end...

               I cut above the waist seam about 1 and a half inches all the way around,
               ( I would have cut 2 inches but the gathered stuff was in the way),
              then I folded the cut fabric over onto the already serged waist seam and used a zig zag stitch
               to attach the fabric to the serged seam almost all the way around,
                 and left opening for my elastic to go through, then I put
               the elastic through using a safety pin to guide it and a crochet hook to pull it,      
                then sewed the last opening shut.

                                                             And Voila!! A new skirt!!! :)
                  Photo Credit on this photo goes to Autumn, I decided to pose my new Favorite skirt! :)

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