Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day Book

Outside My Window - it's bright and sunny!!! This week is supposed to in the 30's!!!! :D

From The Kitchen - I made sloppy joes for lunch, and I'm going to make tater tot hot dish for supper.

I'm Hearing - My Brother watching something on Netflix.

I'm planning - on going to a friends house to work on our church website tomorrow!! :D

I'm creating - My friends and I are working on a gift for a Lady in our church.

I'm reading - Insanity, a book on Wattpad.

Exciting things that have happened- I got my license!!! :D And My Braces are finally off after 2 and a quarter years!!! :D

This Months Travels Brought Me To - Fargo, North Dakota. My sister Abby and I went to a youth retreat to hear John Heller Speak. His sermons were on James 4:6 and were about how God resists the proud, ( he gave an analogy of Stiff arming, it's a term used in foot ball, google it. ;) ), but gives Grace to the humble. While at the retreat I also learned to play speed volley ball, I'll admit I enjoy regular volley ball more, but it was fun. :) I also met many new friends and had great fellowship with old ones. John Heller's sermons were all very good, unfortunately I missed the last one because our flight was filling up, ( The downside to standby flight travel) so we had a change of plans and were able to leave early with some friends, which were so gracious as to let us stay with them until Mom picked us up the next morning. All in all we both had a wonderful time! :D

Around the house - My sister Abby, Lord willing, is going to be moving into her house this week!!

Sorry it took so long for the update! Blessings! ~ Betsy

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